Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have been sewing, not much but I have been making a few things. With it now being winter, wedding planning and the cold dark nights, I have not been able to take photos.
I made these Heather Bailey Apples and pears.

I pieced this quilt for a new baby in the family. Its the same as this quilt, but instead I used a kiwi green. I am really looking forward to quilting this, I love sitting down to a big project like quilting.

I have also made my first piece of clothing, a Anna Maria Horner Socialite dress. It took me a while to learn the garment pattern terms, I also used plain cotton just in case it didn't work! I am now making a second for a friend and then Ill be making another for myself. Perfect for my tropical holiday in a few months.
Back to reading the +400 posts in Google Reader!
Take care.