Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The wedding...

So we got married. It was a absolutely brilliant day despite getting married the day of Melbourne's storm of the century
The day started out wonderful, sunny skies. Three bridesmaids, my wonderful flower girl and myself got ready at my parents house. I watched the weather radar and my Dad kindly informed me there would only be a quick yet big down poor and we would just miss it, my Dad is always right so I think he was just trying to ease my nerves . Our ceremony was to be under the huge Morten Bay Fig tree at Melbourne Zoo with the reception to follow at the carousel park marquee also located in the Zoo.
Our photographer arrived at my parents house and the rain started, and didn't stop! We flew outside for some quick shots to take advantage of my parents wonderful garden, yet that was stopped by the rain. Our cars arrived and in we dived to travel to stand still traffic in the city due to flooding, I think the time spent in the car was needed to ease my nerves. The plan was the ceremony was to be under the tree, our guests could then take advantage of our location and wander the Zoo and see the baby elephant, coming back to drinks and canapes while the bridal party was getting photos, then sit down to a meal for the reception. Due to the rain, things didn't quite go as planned. Once the ceremony was over everyone stayed in the marquee while we raced off and thankfully the clouds were kind and only lightly showered for our location shots.
We had a wonderful night will all of our friends and family, and time sure does fly. We then jetted of to a cyclone filled honeymoon in Vanuatu. Luckily Vanuatu was not hit like Fiji, so thankfully we were safe and we enjoyed a few days of sunshine.
Daniel my now husband thinks we must be the luckiest people to have all this rain, he keeps insisting we buy lottery tickets and I have to keep reminding him that rain on you wedding day means good luck in your marriage!
These photos are not the professional ones, once I have those I will post a few. I will also do another post shortly with all the details from the wedding.
Take care XoXo



Andi said...

Congrat Hayley.
What wonderful stories you'll have to tell your kiddies about the day you got married!!
You looked beautiful.
Andi x

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on your wedding...........may your life togetehr be not quite so eventful as storms and cyclones.......you looked gorgeous.......

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding Hayley! The photos are beautiful - you make a lovely couple. It rained on my wedding day too - showers of blessings we were told :-)

Jody of Because I'm Me said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful bride you are.

Chookyblue...... said...

are you still honeymooning???