Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy New Year, Christmas and everything else that has happened while I have been in Wedding world.
Time is just running away from me. There is only two months till the big day and I can't wait!
Almost everything is organised, just running around to appointments with suppliers like a mad woman. Ill show you some more wedding related photos in my next post.
I have been doing some sewing in the moments I need to escape from 'bridezilla' town... ill post those photos soon as well.
Take care.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! Is your wedding in June or March? I could not tell my the picture! The invites are awesome!

Unknown said...

nm, I see it is 3/6 lol!

Rene' said...

Congratulations! The invitations look beautiful. Good luck with everything. I can understand why you are so busy.

AMIT said...

Wow so on the way to weeding.

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