Sunday, January 25, 2009


The hunt has been on, for the perfect dress. Yesterday I found it, loved it and now I have to wait another year to wear it! I am very glade I started the dress mission early.
On the sewing front, there are not many completed projects to show you guys. I have made two velveteen strawberries to make up for my strawberries the birds and sun and stopping me from having. Its been super hot here in Melbourne and my strawberries are frying in the heat. These strawberries are a Heather Bailey pattern.
Today I made chocolate and pecan biscuits. YUMMO!

I also continued my pillow for a very special little girl. While sewing I get to enjoy my backyard and my green green grass courtesy of the washing machine water. I wish it would rain, for my garden and for our farmers.
Hope everyone in Australia enjoys their long weekend and everyone else enjoyed their short one :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabric & Penguins

I sorted my fabric stash...

This will be destroyed in a few days. Does anyone have any special ways they sort their fabric? I need something to help me with all my fat quarters. There is also more fabric, its just hidden till after the wedding!

We also went to see the Penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium with some friends. I love the aquarium, I could spend days in there just sitting and watching.

Lastly, I learnt to not use a blunt blade on my rotary cutter. I need to stop being lazy and telling myself "Its only one piece to cut" while almost slicing my thumb off in the process. Lots of blood and lots of pain killer to get to sleep that night!
Have a good weekend

Monday, January 5, 2009

Coming along...

For me to complete a project seems to something of the past. I have heaps of UFO's laying around but nothing seems to be getting finished, maybe I should have made a new years resolution!
This is my lastest UFO
Engagement invitations...
The dates are set, the engagement party is almost organised and the wedding reception is booked! I cant believe it, thanks to the Christmas slow period...
I will hopefully have some sewing to show in the next few days.